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Welcoming Dr Fiona Brand, Our New Clinical Psychologist at Bloomfield Health


Dr Alister Baird


1 Dec 2023

A Journey Back to Psychology

Fiona's academic journey began at the University of Cambridge, where she studied psychology. Post-graduation, Fiona ventured into the world of strategy and management consultancy. This five-year period in the professional world offered her valuable insights, including that her true passion lay elsewhere.

Her commitment to mental health led her back to psychology, initially focusing on supporting individuals with mental health issues in the third sector. This included volunteering for Sane line and gaining practical experience in IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) NHS services.

Educational Achievements and Specializations

Fiona's pursuit of excellence in her field led her to the Clinical Psychology Doctorate program at UCL. Her placements spanned across various populations and specialty services. Notably, she worked with a befriending scheme for adults with learning disabilities and contributed to stigma research at UCL.

Her deep interest in stigma and shame research in psychological services shapes her empathetic and informed approach to therapy.

Professional Experiences: Specialising in Adult Populations

Fiona's career path then led her to Talking Therapies Southwark, where she focused on working with adult populations. This role was a stepping stone to her current position in a specialised sexual health and sexual problems service for the NHS in Central London. Here, Fiona works with adults living with HIV and sexual health problems, as part of a specialist multidisciplinary team.

Her passion for this field is evident. Fiona is dedicated to supporting individuals dealing with psychosexual problems, sexual health difficulties, and challenges arising from sexual and interpersonal difficulties.

A Compassionate and Tailored Approach

Fiona's philosophy is to create a safe and supportive space where clients can freely explore issues often under-addressed in everyday life. She emphasises the importance of a person-centered formulation to understand each individual's unique challenges. Her diverse range of approaches allows her to tailor her methods to suit the specific needs of her clients.

A Word from Fiona

In her own words, Fiona shares, "I seek to create a safe and supportive space where people can explore issues that feel taboo or not talked about in day-to-day life, bringing a compassionate approach to shame and distress. I think it's so important to begin with developing a shared understanding of people’s difficulties. I draw from therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, to offer an approach tailored to each individual’s needs."


Fiona Brand's arrival at Bloomfield Health Therapy marks a significant addition to our team. Her extensive background, combined with her compassionate and personalised approach to therapy, ensures that our clients will receive the highest quality of care. We are excited to see the positive impact she will have on our community.

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