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The Lancet Psychiatry new research publication: Associations between post-traumatic stress disorders and psychotic symptom severity in adult survivors of developmental trauma


Dr Alister Baird


8 Oct 2023

Unveiling the Layers: Developmental Trauma and Mental Health

Developmental trauma, experienced during childhood or adolescence, can cast long shadows over an individual's mental health. This recent study published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal sheds light on the associations between PTSD, complex PTSD, and psychotic symptom severity among adult survivors of developmental trauma. This research, conducted across the UK and South Korea, unravels the complex tapestry that weaves PTSD and psychosis together, particularly highlighting the significant relationship between complex PTSD and psychotic symptom severity.

PTSD and Psychosis: A Complex Interplay

The study reveals that while PTSD alone did not showcase a significant association with psychotic symptom severity, complex PTSD demonstrated a substantial relationship with the severity of both positive and negative psychotic symptoms. This pivotal finding underscores the necessity for health systems to thoroughly assess and treat individuals who have encountered developmental trauma for complex PTSD and to evaluate them for psychotic symptoms.

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